• Posters for Edges of Books Exhibition

    Poster series for Edges of Books exhibition and accompanying workshop.

  • Posters for Edges of Books Exhibition

    Detail of one of the posters.

  • Posters for Edges of Books Exhibition

    Poster hung in front of the outside of the exhibition.

Edges of Books was an exhibition at the Cary Graphic Arts Collection, a graphic design and rare books archive, from October through December 2012, that focused on the art of book edge decoration. All aspects of marketing, design, and photography for this campaign, from conception to completion, were designed and art directed by myself.

This exhibition also required management and editing of hundreds of image files, which documented the items on display.

Joseph's extensive portfolio of work on this project shows that he can conceptualize and adhere to a graphic identity, think creatively to make it work in many publication scenarios, and apply himself to a tight deadline economically, as all this work had to be completed in accordance with our exhibitions schedule and non-profit budget.
– Amelia Hugill-Fontanel, Assistant Curator

Cary Graphic Arts Collection
Skills used:
Graphic Design, Exhibition Design
Edges of Books